The Other Place is a complex, thoughtful play that   reveals itself like a mobius strip: times and places bend and change throughout the piece. The acting
is suburb, the set is beautiful and the lighting 
and visual effects enhance the story as it unfolds and the audience discovers what has been happening in Julianna's life. Many of us left the theater in tears.

Let me say the stunning performance by the actors and the extraordinarily clever set design set the stage  for an uninterrupted 80 minutes of mystery, intrigue to  the very end leading to a standing ovation of  appreciation by a nearly sold out audience on opening night.

                                                        -- Louis R.

SPICE   by David Susman 
         Directed by Charles Van Eman (2015)
         Boston Playwrights Platform Festival
Awards -- Best Director (Runner-up)   Best Actress 




Charles Van Eman


THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White
    Directed by Charles Van Eman (2016)

After a initial "Wow," we waited until we were at home to marvel at the complexity of the play and how well it was done.  We could have gone to New York or London and not seen a better performance of a more brilliantly scripted play -- Clare and Bob K.

Talk about a Tour de Force!  Both Jennifer Wilson and the play itself are a no holds barred journey through the heart of darkness.  If it weren't for the supporting cast and excellent constructs of staging, you wouldn't be sure redemption was even possible.  It's rare to call theater "brave," but The Other Place lives that out and back
-- Adair R

     Directed by Charles Van Eman  (2014)

Grandfather Speaks
is a collection of seven interrelated stories from those who have come before.  It is a journey through time and dimensions, with a chance to view life from a new perspective.


                     HIGH RISE  
Written by Charles Van Eman and Mike Stiles 
         Directed by Charles Van Eman   (2009)

20 episode Internet and Comcast Video on Demand drama series 
Directer, Co-writer, Co-producer.  

A quirky mix of Friends, Entourage, and Desperate Housewives, High Rise pulls no punches as it explores the political, romantic, economic, and racial diversity found in the vibrant city of Atlanta.

Awards -- Nominated for nine awards at the 2009 Indie Series Awards.  
                Winner - "Best Business Model."


                      THE CONTRACT
  by Theresa Rebeck
                                  Directed by Charles Van Eman (2017)
                                      The Actors Studio of Newburyport

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