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Jack's Hat

The Actor’s Studio of Newburyport’s Stage Three workshop production of Charles Van Eman’s new play Jack’s Hat, directed by Suzanne Bryan and produced by Marc Clopton, was enthusiastically embraced by audiences.


Jack’s Hat (the script) and Charlie’s performance were magnificent. What a wonderful achievement. I never tell anyone except my children/grandchildren that I’m proud of them because it can easily get misconstrued, but as a fellow writer that’s how I feel about Charlie. I don’t even know him, but I know the beauty of what he’s written, and I know how much work and experience and grit it takes to find the unity in something and keep refining it and refining it until it’s as close to flawless as you can manage–and that script is a model of that kind of persistence and wisdom and skill. I’ve been enlightened! So happy I got to see it! Happy and inspired!

Mike Kimbal

Novelist and Playwright